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Natura Morte Table by Sebastian E.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The Natura Morte Table (also known at Tree Table) is the work of artist Sebastian Errazuriz, also known as Sebastian E. It is part of the Natura Morte (Death Series) collection and it is made of glass, stainless steel and a whole tree.

This unique table is a stunning piece of contemporary art and at the same time a fully functional furniture. It is manufactured in a limited edition signed and numbered pieces, sold to international design collectors. The tree table has a length of 4.20 m and weighs almost half a Ton. Each table consists of a one of a kind South American “Crespon” tree that is carefully de-rooted, cut, dried, sanded and dyed.

The manufacturing process can take months to be completed, not only because of the manual work that has to be performed, but also because all pieces follow an extensive “casting” process, in which hundreds and sometimes thousands of tree candidates are inspected.  A really unique artwork, which combines artistic work with nature’s natural beauty.

The Tree table was presented for the first time in Design Miami 2008 for a solo show with NY gallerist Cristina Grajales (Cristinagrajalesinc.com).

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