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DESIGN + CONQUER Electro, Futuristic Jewelry.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The “Electro” Jewelry collection by Canadian DESIGN + CONQUER combines great aesthetics, music heritage and advanced production technology.

Canadian designer Morgan Mallett came up with this revolutionary concept while listening to her favorite Electro playlists. These versatile accessories are made from ultra-light, white or clear, rigid plastic polymer. The fastenings are from stainless steel, or high quality low-nickel silver. The Electro futuristic jewelry are fabricated using a specialized 3D printer, while the final details such as the discreet neon paint touches are done by hand.

The whole concept is fresh and original and it will certainly appeal to those that like futuristic accessories. The collection is divided in two lines “Compilation” and “Track”. The compilation line is exclusive and limited edition. Both lines however have fantastic geometric shapes and very nice colors. We particularly like the earrings as they really make a bold statement, and yet they still maintain an elegant style.

DESIGN + CONQUER was launched in 2009 and it has already presented some very original ideas. We like the fact that Mallett’s inspiration comes from futuristic, geometric and architectural designs and we also like her creative process and the consistency of her concepts.

Taking the electro line as an example, everything just clicks into place, electro-music inspired, advanced manufacturing techniques and of course down to earth price, so that more electro fans can take them to the club. This is jewelry you can really dance with, original, funky and stylish.

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