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Bosch IXO Vino, a Cordless Screwdriver becomes an Electric Corkscrew.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The Bosch Ixo Vino is an ingenious device which combines two seemingly irrelevant functionalities into one unexpected gadget. It is a Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver, which doubles as an Electric Corkscrew.

The IXO cordless screwdriver from Bosch is all-time best seller. Due to its small dimensions, sophisticated Design, comfortable hold and great flexibility, more than ten million Bosch IXOs have been sold, making it Europe’s most popular cordless screwdriver. The Bosch IXO Vino special edition is an offer celebrate this special occasion. With the addition of a special corkscrew attachment the Ixo Vino allows easy and quick opening of wine bottles. A brilliant gadget for wine lovers and handymen alike. (Obviously if one falls into both of these categories immediate purchase is 110% justified.)

Even its packaging brings the user in the mood, as the Ixo Vino is packaged in stylish wooden box, just like premium wine bottles. It  is equipped with LED powerlight for working in poorly lit areas. OR maybe the LED was meant for inspecting wine labels in the cellar?

Obviously the Bosch Ixo Vino also has all the bells and whistles one would expect from one of Europe’s best selling power tools.  Forward/reverse operation, charging indicator, spindle lock for manual tightening, Lithium Ion battery technology, optimum shape and size for working in tight corners and soft grip

From Bosch: “The IXO Vino demonstrates a stylish instinct for pleasure with its elegant pirouettes in cork. Just squeeze the trigger and this compact cordless screwdriver will begin to deliver its performance, opening any good wine within seconds. After all, the first corkscrew with lithium-ion technology is not only handy, it’s also powerful.”

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