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Mirror Clearer by Dewa Design.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Mirror Clearer

Not only car windshields needs wipers, the Mirror Clearer by Dewa Design is exactly what it looks like, a mirror wiper for your bathroom mirror.

Everybody knows this scenario: You get out of the shower, look into your bathroom mirror and it is fogged up, sending you looking a towel. German designer Dewa Bleisinger came up with the solution. Behold the Mirror Clearer! It is an add-on wiper which is easily attached onto your mirror using a suction cup.

It is about time to become familiar with the alternative scenario: You steam up your bathroom as much as you like and when you come out, you simply rotate the Mirror Clearer and with one simple move, presto! Clear view.

The Mirror Clearer is made from plastic and the part that wipes the mirror is made out of flexible silicone. The device measures L36 x W 5.5 x H4.5 cm and it will work on mirrored surfaces larger than 40 x 40 cm. It also comes on a variety of bold colors to match your bathroom décor.

Regardless of its obvious functionality, personally I always there is a missing element from my bathroom and I am pretty sure it was a green colored windshield wiper.

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