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The MIAMI Stiletto Shoe Rack Elevates Shoes to Art.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Miami Stiletto Shoe Rack

Any girl who’s dropped more than 200€ for a pair of stiletto high heels will probably tell you they are artwork. If that is the case why not use the MIAMI Stiletto shoe rack by MASHALLAH.DESIGN and display them like artwork?

The designer took advantage of the slim spiky heels which conveniently wedges in the slots of the shoe rack. Morever due to its modular design the shoe rack can easily become an artistic installation. One could easily create a straight line of shoe running along the wall or chaotic geometric shape with stiletto high heels scattered around the room. The MIAMI Stiletto Shoe Rack undoubtedly unleashes your creativity.

Our favorite aspect of the design though is definitely the alignment of the form with the purpose. Stiletto heels are very different than other types of shoes. They are high and slender in an attempt to convey finesse. Known for their impracticality they are still immensely popular due to their erotic nature and are a common fetish item. The perfect type of shoe to be presented as wall art, hang high from a slender piece of wood which also serves as an abstract frame.

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