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Silent Office by Takashi Yamaguchi & Associates.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

Silent Office is a sleek, sexy and theatrical office complex located in Tokyo and built by Takashi Yamaguchi & associates, everything inside looks so “silent” and composed, that it feels as if you could hear an ant moving inside it…

The client for this project is carrying a business of candy wholesale, therefore except offices space, storehouse and logistics facilities where required. The architecture is composed of the closed space to catch silence. In a rectangular box is divided by two slits. The interval between those parts leads the air, the wind and the light into the office itself. To ensure an effective internal space, while respecting the legislative outline of the allowed building volume, the ceiling’s height of the top floor is higher on the west side than the east one. This arrangement is not only functional, but also gives to the place some complexity.

The interior as well as the exterior of the building have been carefully thought out, not only in order to increase immediate productivity and performance, but also in order to promote well-being and raise the personality and creativity of the people working there by making them meet each other in common spaces.

Finally for the space-defining lighting conception there was one main consideration. Light arrangements had to be discreet and calming, and the illumination program had to show different forms at different time and places. To achieve this there was extensive use of effective insulation in conjunction with carefully selected light source intensity and positioning.

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