White Carrara Marble Laptop Decal for MacBook.

Looking to refresh the styling of your MacBook while retaining its classy look? Just cover it in luxurious white Carrara Marble.

While the MacBook brushed aluminum unibody frame looks awesome, lets face it, it does attract scratches, and it has been copied so much that it is not the most innovative looking material out there. Marble MacBook Decals came up with a vinyl MacBook cover, that not only protects your tech from scratches, it also adds a layer of sophistication!

The design is modeled after luxurious White-Gray Carrara Marble, the type used among builders of remarkable buildings in ancient Rome, and valued above all other stone by Michelangelo himself. It bears a striking resemblance to the real deal!

Surprisingly this unconventional combination blends together awesomely. The fine looking white marble pattern is a perfect match to the slender MacBook making this the Laptop Decal for MacBook to look for, if you are a style-conscious Mac user.

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