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Suspended Figure Light Installation by Ayako Maruta.

by Anna Karataglidou
Ayako Maruta Diesel Denim Gallery

Japanese architect Ayako Maruta designed the Suspended Figure light installation to decorate in an extremely impressive way the interior of the Diesel Denim Gallery store in Aoyama. The specific store is one of the two Diesel stores where denim clothes are displayed as works of art. This one is located in Tokyo while the second one is located in New York. The “Suspended Figure” light installation of Ayako Maruta was presented in 2008 and lasted until August 17th of the same year.

Ayako Maruta’s light installation imitates the typical arch and pillar architectural form, with a twist. Both of these two architectural elements are replaced by hanging cables and construction site lampshades. Defying gravity, this “new version” of the specific architectural elements does not support weight and therefore is indestructible, as they cannot fail under pressure. Just like denim!

The architect himself mentions that the choice of the materials used was inspired by denim itself, which besides being a casual work wear fabric; it has a history of turning into a thing of value and beauty.

Ayako Maruta is a Japanese architect (graduate of Tohoku University) with a master in arts and music. He has worked for several years with the Jun Aoki & Associates architectural studio before founding his own practice, Office Ayako Maruta in 2006.

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