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Lineabeta Bej Bathroom Furniture.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Bej by Lineabeta Bathroom furniture

Bej by Lineabeta is a contemporary line of bathroom furniture characterized by sleek minimal design, high quality and carefully thought out ergonomics.

The pieces of the collection are realized in white matte plywood with metal back painted in bright colors. The discrete presence of color in conjunction with beautiful details, such as the rounded mirror edges and the gorgeous castors being used in the wheeled units, make the Lineabeta Bej series an ideal choice for any modern bathroom.

The line consists of four different wall cabinets with integrated mirror doors and two different wheeled storage units. We particularly like the wheeled units as they are indeed a very flexible bathroom storage solution for a variety of applications. Due to their mobility it is easy to have access to all bathroom utensils while for example taking a bath in the bathtub and they also make it very easy to rearrange your space at any given time.

The Lineabeta Bej series is so stylish and flexible that we can easily imagine all the pieces being used in other applications outside the bathroom………

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