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Surreal Photography by Philippe Ramette.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Surreal Photography by Philippe Ramette

Welcome to the surreal world of French conceptual artist Philippe Ramette a place where the conventional laws of nature do not apply.

Phillipe Ramette plays with the viewer’s mind. He creates gravity-defying photographs that appear to be digitally manipulated, but in fact they are real world settings that were carefully arrangement, in order to achieve these impressive scenes. In Ramette’s surreal photography, surrealism literally invades reality. In each and every photograph, the viewer thinks twice trying to understand what is going on, and then to figure out how it is achieved…..

Ramette creates his mind-blowing set-ups using cleverly designed weight-bearing structures (or lead weights for the underwater shots). These self-designed devices allow him to stand/sit at seemingly impossible angles, hidden by his clothes or the angle in which the shot is taken. For some of the photographs we can visualize how it can be achieved, and the behind it, but for others, just make us wonder in astonishment. Could be really walking along the side of a cliff? What is actually going on?

Born in 1961, Phillipe Ramette began his career as sculptor and he became widely known in the 90s as par of the French contemporary art scene. He eventually evolved his work into photography. He realized he had an original and innovative idea when he began taking pictures of himself performing advanced acrobatic feats for his first exhibit in 1991. Since then Ramette has transcended the impossible, by playing with the concept of gravity, and weightlessness he is challenging our relationship to the surroundings. He assumed the role of a director, an acrobat and a photographer, thus becoming a multidisciplinary artist with a vision – allowing humans and objects to defy the laws of nature.

With his spectacular surreal photography Phillipe Ramette is taking viewers on a journey through exciting new worlds. His work stands as a statement about the nullification of the “impossible. Interestingly his work is characterized by a deliberate and noticeable calmness. Whereas the surreal sceneries we witness are mind-blowing and confusing, the protagonist is always calm and relaxed, as if he is enjoying a typical day.

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