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Innovative Flower Pots by Serax.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Serax Planters

Belgian company Serax manufactures some of the most stylish flower pots available and offers many original design to florists and plant enthusiasts.

Serax stands for innovative and affordable design. The firms’ single-minded view of current trends clearly meets the needs of florists and design conscious individuals. To guarantee originality and creativity, Serax works with leading designers from Belgium and abroad, such as Marie Michielssen, Roel Vandebeek, Catherine Grandidier, Pieter Stockmans, Moniek Vanden Berghe and Roos van de Velde.

Among the countless remarkable designs they produce we particularly like the Triple Lait, designed by Hugo Meert, which draws inspiration from the feeding points of nature, nipples, carrots and roots. Another fascinating design is the Pantone Flower Pot, inspired by the iconic PANTONE color matching system. The Serax Pantone Flower Pot will certainly brighten up your garden with its bold colors. In addition you could even color match the pot with the blooms of the plant it contains.

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