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Rythme Sofa by Roche Bobois + Missoni Home.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Rythme Sofa Roche Bobois Missoni

Rythme is a stylish modular sofa by French furniture manufacturer Roche Bobois, which uses multiple sections to enable exiting combinations of colorful Missoni fabrics.

Roche Bobois is widely known for its carefully designed modern furniture. Missoni on the other hand is famous for its quality fabrics with their signature bold color combinations. Combine those attributes and you have the Rythme sofa, a warm, colorful, and modern furniture that is the result of collaboration between fashion and design. This sectional sofa is composed of 30cm wide slices which you can combine in order to create a composition that suits your space and needs.

Each part of the sofa is dressed in different elegant Missoni fabrics, creating a colorful mosaic pattern, which is fun and uniquely chic. The functional shape of the sofa together with its bold alternating colors constitute a modern piece of furniture that looks striking without compromising on usability and comfort.

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