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Possible Furniture by Robert Stadler.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

Possible furniture is a series of organic shaped furniture by Studio Robert Stadler that challenges our perception of what is natural and what isn‘t.

The design concept was to create s series of furniture that look as if they were shaped by nature itself. Each piece is made by composing a series of elements that resemble rounded rocks.  The stacked shapes of the elements that make up each piece of furniture seem random at first glance, but when you look more closely, there is a certain sense of geometry that contradicts this initial impression. In a way, the hand of the designer is hidden, as if this was a randomly occurred natural formation.

The title Possible Furniture shows that this is an open-ended system in which each element, although definitive, is not absolute according to the idea of an ideal form. The same building blocks can be arranged differently and produce a very different piece of furniture for a different use. The pieces from the first series are upholstered, while the later ones have hard surfaces so that they can be used as outdoor furniture.

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