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Iceberg Bicycle Wall Hanger by Woodstick Ltd.

by Anna Karataglidou
Iceberg bicycle wall mount by Woodstick

The wooden Iceberg bicycle wall hanger by Latvian Woodstick Ltd features intense geometric and minimal lines in a very interesting and shape. One of the most ordinary in use items, the bicycle wall hanger, has recently started to claim more attention as a decorative element of modern urban home, in addition to its purely functional use. The wooden Iceberg bicycle wall hanger is indeed one of the most interesting designer propositions on can come across with.

Its minimalist design combines with the geometric surfaces that make the Iceberg bicycle wall hanger multi-faceted, and different from any point of view. It is rather intriguing how something so simple can have such a variety in appearance.

Woodstick Ltd is a team of wood workers and architects that are well known for the high quality of their creations. The Iceberg bicycle wall hanger can fit most types of bicycle and it is made of high quality oak wood, carefully chosen, and can be easily installed on any type of wall surface.

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