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Frame Furniture Collection by Luis Pons Design Lab.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Frame Furniture Collection by Luis Pons Design Lab

Frame by Luis Pons Design Lab is a striking furniture collection with exquisite retro modern design inspired by antique frames.

The extraordinary in the ordinary. The Frame Collection, like any suggestion by Luis Pons, is an ongoing study of what happens when regular objects are interpreted within new contexts. As the name of the collection indicates, many frames have been put together so that they create a pile of them and eventually a sober but still elegant volume.  Using simple manufacturing methods and traditional craftsmanship, Luis Pons Design Lab created a uniquely original series of extraordinary furniture.

The Frame Furniture Collection includes an assortment of different storage furniture, cabinets, drawer units and dressers in various stunning color and texture combinations. These unique storage units will become the beloved ones, as they constitute will suggest an impressive statement in any living space. Available in many sizes Frame furniture satisfy classic lovers, as well as the fans of modernism and retro or vintage style.

Luis Pons Design Lab is a conceptual design laboratory that operates from the assumption that experience is mutable. Everything is not just open to interpretation, everything is open to reinterpretation, and that doorway never closes. Founder Luis Pons expresses a delight in the potential of materials, spaces, and places to be more than simply inanimate recipients of admiration. As a result his architecture, interiors, installations, and furnishings have a dynamic energy that is unique. Inanimate objects come to life, acting as catalysts that invite people to discover more about themselves and their environment.

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