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Hipflask by Tom Cecil.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Hipflask by Tom Cecil

Although drinking in public is commonly perceived as rudeness, by using the uniquely stylish Tom Cecil Hipflask you have a very good chance to pull it off and still look classy.

British designer Tom Cecil makes this unique flask in this East-London workshop. The Tom Cecil Hipflask is welded from flat sheets of stainless steel and hand finished. Each one is stamped with a unique design number, so no two are alike. The Hipflask has a minimalist angular design, which looks particularly sharp and elegant.

The flask is built to hold 50ml of alcohol, which is approximately two shots and is available in four different finishes, stainless steel, brass, and super high gloss white or black, to suite all tastes. So if you are going to use a flask the least you can do is be a gentleman and use a glamorous and sophisticated one. Cheers!

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