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Artistic Lighting Fixtures by Roumelight.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Roumelight Artistic Lighting

These unique lighting fixtures by Greek company Roumelight will light-up your space, but in reality they are not just lamps, but rather objects of thematic light art.

BiLL RoumeL is the creative force behind Roumelight and each on of his creations has a very specific concept, which is realized by the combination of various everyday materials assembled in a very unique way. At the same time each one of BiLL’s creations conveys a message related with its shape, its use and its artistic identity. Sometimes the message is obvious and sometimes not, but even if you miss it, it is always written on some part of the object itself.

However the source of inspiration is not always related with BiLL’s personal artistic vision, Roumelight also undertakes the design and construction of lighting objects for particular places and occasions. In this situation the identity of the specific location and the customer’s personal preferences are embodied into the installation. Favorite objects of the customer or distinctive items found in the surrounding space are converted into sources of light and are presented through a different “enlightened” perspective.

Below are three representative works from Roumelight’s portfolio, of course each one has its own little story.

Femme Saturn:

A table lamp inspired by a woman’s curves and the enigmatic planet Kronos, the illuminated breasts represent the “tease” while the peculiar hat of the lady provides the mystery. The lamp was created using everyday materials such as a mannequin doll and three illuminated glass balls.

Margarita Strawberry:

Three glowing margarita’s are served on a turntable playing the top hits of the strawberry mix. Music, drinks and an essential retro touch constitute a lighting fixture that creates an instant party mood. Once again the materials used are everyday items such as glasses, turntable parts and a chopping tray, masterfully combined to something that lights-up the mood.


This lighted wheel is a wall light that can be used in two different ways, either as a stationary lamp, or with the wheel spinning and creating a striking circle of light. The materials used are a recycled bicycle wheel mounted on a reflective black glass surface which acts as a canvas, showcasing the play of light and shadow. The lighted wheel represents an alternate ecologic way of transportation and a positive enlightened forward movement.

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