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Haseform Filing System Wall Organizer.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Haseform Filing System

The Haseform Filing System is a creative wall organizer which brings traditional paper documents to the digital age, at least visually.

Usually, the operating systems of computers and digital devices borrow images from the real world. Such as the classic “documents” folders in windows operating systems and the iconic recycle bin. But this time, the conditions are reversed and the Haseform Filing System brings a virtual touch to the real world.

You can easily mount this clever organizer to the wall and store documents, magazines and photos just like you are accustomed to in your PC. Its unique stylistic approach looks like it came straight out of “MS Windows”. And if that was not enough geeknes, the folder labels, which are made of writable magnetic film, are shaped like a “mouse cursor arrow” and add the final touch to the surreal image.

The folders are made of steel, painted using durable powder coating. Together you also get a bunch of rewritable magnetic labels. Included in the packaging are conventional square labels and pointy a “mouse cursors”. The Haseform Filing System is ideal in the office or at home and looks simply brilliantly geeky.

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