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MAINI Οlive Oil, from Mani to Berlin.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

MAINI is an extra virgin, biological olive oil straight from the deluxe part of sunny, funny Greece. The makers of MAINI olive oil argue that it is of Greek origin but with a Berliner soul.

It is a top quality olive oil from the famous olive producing region of Mani. It stands out for its refined taste, and modern, creative packaging. It is made from “Koroneiki” olive variety, an olive tree which is known for its strong and pure taste. The packaging was designed in Berlin and aims to incorporate the vibrant and diverse character of the city. The 100% recyclable metal bottle is great example of practical packaging design.

Minimalist shape, pleasantly bright color and elegant typography make MAINI to stand out at first glance. The font used in the brand logo is particularly fitting as it bears a clear visual resemblance to Spartan minimalism, simple and sharp. Finally the included metal nozzle is in our opinion the icing on the cake. It clearly suggests that the packaging has an exciting design, and predisposes the user to serve directly from the bottle and not transfuse the oil in another container.

The MAINI olive oil is already available in many premium Gourmet stores in Germany and is priced at 19€ for a 500ml bottle.

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John 13/06/2014 - 16:41

Greece’s history in producing olive oil dates back to 3500BC while the first exports are reported to be around the 3rd century BC to neighboring countries. Since then oil olive exports and production have become part of Greece’s identity and culture.

Exports of Greek Olive Oil Worldwide


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