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Floating Sculptures by Claire Morgan.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Floating Sculptures by Claire Morgan

London based artist Claire Morgan creates unique sculptures that appear to be floating in the air.

Claire Morgan’s work is characterized by dynamism and symmetry. In her installations the relation between stillness and perceived motion creates a dramatic effect, rendering her work is compelling to the eye and captivating. Her physical constructions point to unexpected outcomes and ineffable realms, such as those of beauty, spirit, death, and mystery.

One of her most celebrate artworks is the installation entitled “Fluid” which consists of real strawberries. It was firstly presented at Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and was enthusiastically received by the demanding public of the French capital. Thus, Claire Morgan’s work attracted much attention in Paris and around the world. Hence, for 2010-2011, the artist has already booked various exhibitions in important cultural places such as the “Karsten Greve Gallery” in Cologne, the “Museum of Art and Design” in New York and the “Museum of Classic and Modern Art” in Tanzania.

Claire Morgan was born in Belfast in 1980. She currently lives and works in London. She graduated in 2003 with a first class degree in Sculpture and has exhibited internationally, with solo exhibitions in the UK and Europe, and museum shows in US and Australia.

From Claire: “I believe art can have power and in my work I aspire to bring life to contrived situations, through suspension presenting my materials in a state that lies somewhere between stillness and movement. I want to be shocked by, and make other people shocked by, very normal things. In order to achieve this I am always trying to take things a step further than entirely necessary – making sculpture that poses a genuine physical and mental challenge for me and hoping it might have a powerful impact on others who look at it.”

Photo credit: Kris Heath

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Alain L. 16/08/2020 - 15:59

La sculpture enprisonne l’oiseau du Temps
il n’y a que légèreté dans l’instant qui
précède la fin
l’envol définitf


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