Stylish Multicolor Scarfs by Paul Smith.

Each time autumn arrives and winter approaches, I catch myself evaluating the purchase of a new scarf.

The scarf is a special accessory because unlike smaller objects, it stands out from a distance, and is thus adds a decisive touch to our look. A colorful scarf can easily give this playful note to a dark winter look, or complement the vivid colors you chose if you prefer bolder outfits.

Award winning British designer Paul Smith is undeniably a virtuoso in color matching. His colorful stripe designs are renowned worldwide and he can blend countless colors to an elegant pattern in a very unique way. The multicolored scarves by Paul Smith are available in a variety of materials, but my personal preference is definitely the wool ones made of 90% merino wool and 10% cashmere. They are are exceptionally soft and warm and have a really luxurious feel.

When it comes to wool scarfs an additional advantage is the deep English tradition wool work, which guarantees a standard of quality. The wool Paul Smith scarfs are made in Scotland.

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