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Flat Pack Leather Laptop Bag by Hard Graft.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Hard Graft Flat Pack

The Flat Pack Driftwood by Austrian brand Hard Graft is a very stylish leather laptop bag which combines practicality, awesome quality and edgy design.

On the outside the bag is made of beautiful caramel colored Italian cow leather, juxtaposed with sand colored Italian suede. This ultra-premium leather is 100% vegetable tanned, hand selected, dyed in age old wooden drums and hand Finished.

The inner padding is made of a premium blend of German made wool felt. Juxtaposing high-end materials to create unique designs, surely adds a level of sophistication and demonstrates quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

It provides one padded central compartment that will keep your laptop suitably protected and two additional compartments for your smaller belongings. One internal pocket for cables, phones and such, and one external compartment mainly intended for paper or other flat items. It also features an adjustable shoulder strap for added portability. Hard Graft came up with a slim and flexible bag which you can effortlessly carry around in flawless style.

The Flat Pack Driftwood comes in two sizes, one for Tablets and 11” Laptops (MacBook Air anyone?) and one for 13” laptops. The smaller version of the Flat Pack measures outside 30cm x 20cm x 3cm, an ideal size to carry your tablet and your other small daily essentials. The 13” version measures outside 35cm x 25cm x 3cm, just larger enough to fit a MacBook Pro or any other similarly sized 13” laptop.

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