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Exploded Photography by Adam Voorhes.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Adam Voorhes Exploded

Photographer Adam Voorhes deconstructs a number of objects and presents an “Exploded” diagram of their inner complexity literally frozen in time.

It is a very interesting photographic experiment, which showcases Adam’s technical skill and ability. However at the same time illustrates the inner complexity found in everyday objects, which we perceive as common, simple and easy to manufacture. The “Exploded” series shows items such as an old telephone, a rugby helmet and a gun, taken apart and frozen…….

Creating revolutionary structures and implementing innovative ideas is the most integral part of development, however there is certainly an important value in deconstructing objects, taking them apart and tinkering their insides. That way we can understand what makes them tick and proceed to improve them. In that sense Voorhes’ work is truly inspirational.

Apart from the artistic aspect however, one must also appreciate the effort and skill required in order to realize these amazing photos. The anatomical view of the vintage telephone, the dismantled gun and the “exploded” helmet, they were all taken apart each one of their elements had to be carefully rearranged for that perfect shot.

Truly amazing work, once one realizes that this is actual photography and not computer generated graphics.

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