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Elegant Traditional Chinese USB Drives by Then Creative.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Elegant Traditional Chinese USB Drives by Then Creative

By blending modern technology with traditional Chinese patterns and natural materials Then Creative presents a collection of uniquely elegant USB Drives

The designers decided steer away of plastic parts and encase their sleek USB Drives in African Blackwood and Brass, beautiful natural materials that symbolize the bonding of modern technology with traditional values. In their first collection, the patterns are inspired by the iconic Chinese Window Frames. A distinctive element of ancient Chinese architecture that remains intriguing and time enduring. These ornamental perforated windows are one of the most recognized styles in Chinese decoration, and surprisingly they look stunning applied on the tiny USB Drives.

Their second collection is inspired by terraced rice fields. Terraced growing fields are used widely for rice cultivation in Asia and they are one of the most impressive elements of the Chinese rural landscape. The abstract circular patterns look interesting imprinted in the USB Drives, at first we thought they were inspired by fingerprints, yet when we realized that the source of inspiration were the rice fields that concept became even more interesting as once again they maintain a connection with Chinese Tradition.

These delicately beautiful USB Drives by “Then Creative” can legitimately be considered as 21st century folk art.

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