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Ceramic Salt and Pepper Mill by Karim Rashid for Slice.

by Anna Karataglidou
Ceramic Salt Pepper Mill Slice Karim Rashid

The double ceramic salt and pepper mill by Slice is a beautiful and functional creation by prolific designer Karim Rashid. The ceramic salt and pepper mill features the signature curvy lines of the renowned designer, who is known to favor liquid forms. Indeed, most of his products look as if they have emerged from a pool of flowing liquid and “froze” in form.

The chrome platted version of the double ceramic salt and pepper mill looks as if it is made of liquid mercury. The mirror effect together with the extra glossy finish are blended into a unique futuristic design item. Placed on top of the table, the ceramic mill by Karim Rashid looks like a small modern sculpture. A kitchen tool you will never want to hide in a cabinet. The black and white version is also interesting and graphical, with the pepper mill cup in black to signify the difference between the mills. The chrome version has a more discreet distinction between the two, with a different tint of chrome.

Yet besides the aesthetics this elegant double mill if also a very sophisticated grinding tool. The double ceramic mill’s curves are more ergonomic in use even if it feels peculiar at first. The form also allows more space for the ingredients. Refilling and adjusting grain size is simple and straightforward. The grind thickness is set from fine to coarse with the help of a special externally located screw, easy to access and twist by hand. It is appropriate for salt, dry spices and herbs and peppercorn grinding, using two exceptional ceramic grinding elements. The ceramic material never rusts, does not leave residues of “metallic taste” it is highly durable and does not require sharpening, which means that this mill is good for many years of precision grinding.

After all Slice specializes in making ceramic blades and cutting tools, hence the name “Slice” this company creates products that cut and slice, peelers, scissors, safety cutters, etc. It is worth mentioning that Slice was created in 2008 by TJ Simone as a way to help fund a long-term care for his autistic son. Many well-known designers, Karim Rashid among them, collaborated with Slice, resulting to numerous awarded products. Currently a minimum of 1% of all Slice sales is donated to help fund autism research.

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