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Grundig Audiorama 9000 Spherical Speaker System.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Grundig Audiorama 9000 Speaker System

The updated Grundig Audiorama 9000 loudspeakers are a new interpretation of its classical predecessor of the seventies. The classic Audiorama of the 1970s was a spherical omnidirectional speaker system which remains an iconic image of High-End speakers from that era.

Elements of the original model were revived and reworked into a contemporary context, using new materials and extended details on the shape. The basic geometric shape, a sphere, gives the object a streamlined, clean and pure impression with a dynamic look. The “Equator line” around the middle divides the body into two spherical halves. The high gloss is a stimulating contrast in respect of the matt material covering the parts. This futuristic-looking speakers can be placed on an integrated stand or hanged up to the ceiling and provide clear 360 degrees surround sound without the “lattice fence effect”.

They are 3-way speakers, each globe has hidden inside two mid-range speakers and incorporates a hyperbolically diverted treble system that provides clear 360 degrees surround sound. The Audiorama 9000’s two long excursion bass mid-range speakers form a closed bass system that enables fast impulse processing, while a special design protects the treble sound from the pressure of the bass notes. Crisp bass sound is also ensured by the anodized aluminum membrane, which provides maximum stiffness. The Audiorama’s 1-inch silk dome tweeter can transmit the finest signals, and the cast aluminum cage with multiple rear ventilation ensures minimum stream loss. The Audiorama 9000 has a rated load of 120 watts, with a maximum load of 180 watts and 50Hz – 30kHz frequency response.

With the futuristic Audiorama 9000 speakers former electro technical giant Grundig are paying tribute to one of their most iconic and recognizable designs. The company that contributed so much to contemporary electronic design might not be the electronics giant it once was, but the Audiorama 900 is still a very fine High-End speaker that reminds us the glorious days of the German company and the futuristic design of the 70s.

Even though you could use the optional floor-stand we firmly believe that it does not do justice to these wonderful speakers.  Instead we are adamant that the Grundig Audiorama 9000 is meant to be hanged up to the ceiling like a Disco Ball and create a cult, yet subtle reference to disco nights and the 70s.

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