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Dream Portraits: Hypnotic Digital Art Portraits by Antonio Mora.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Dream Portraits: Hypnotic Digital Art Portraits by Antonio Mora

Antonio Mora is a fascinating Spanish artist who creates intriguing photographic portraits by synthesizing faces with landscapes.

He calls these unique creations Dream Portraits to designate that he transforms simple portraits into dreamy landscapes filled with intriguing emotion. The artist elegantly blends diverse elements together to form an abstract fusion where distinct lines and shapes are no longer evident. The captivating portraits feature hauntingly beautiful faces that emerge from misty black and white forms like tree branches, rivers, bridges, and cloudy skies.

We particularly like the series that fusions faces with architectural elements, such as staircases, buildings and urban sceneries. Yet his work covers a diverse collection of subjects. Sometimes he merges face with pictures of nature, while in other cases he bonds purely artistic abstract elements into the portrait.

Antonio Mora after an extensive career like designer and art director, decided that art was the means to give free rein to his inexhaustible fantasy, to his eager expressive needs.

He describes himself as someone who makes cocktails, appreciates images found in blogs, magazines, and fuses them together into works of great forcefulness and expressive force that do not leave anyone indifferent. They disturb.

Through his unique digital art, Mora intends to evoke a sense of mystery, stating that: “His originality takes root in the merger, in finding combinations that leave in the palate of our conscience flavors of evocation and mystery. Creating images that open a crack in our collective memory allowing us to watch, though only for an instant, the hybrid beings who populate our deepest dreams.”

Enjoy a selection of the artist’s works below.

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Ray 17/10/2017 - 17:40

WOW!! I’m impress to find Antonio Mora, design is more like Salvador Dali painting. It’s amazing to find someone that have the same creative design as I do.


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