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Minimal modern T-Shirts by Ucon Acrobatics.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Minimal modern T-Shirts by Ucon Acrobatics

Berlin based Ucon Acrobatics presents a unique series of modern T-Shirt with minimal design and timeless appeal.

These sleek T-Shirts combine original modern European aesthetics and high quality with smart details. Monochrome or multicolored, with geometrical patterns and graphic stamps these modern T-Shirt suggest a fashion statement with satisfy even the most indifferent customer. With Ucon Acrobatics’ modern T-Shirts every day becomes a fashion statement. You can enjoy their touch and their distinguished style any time as they can accompany your favorite jeans or any other trousers.

In addition, when you visit Ucon Acrobatics website you will find any necessary information about these modern T-Shirts. To make sure that the clothes you order fit you perfectly, Ucon Acrobatics measure every garment they produce. In a few minutes you can easily find out which size is best for you.

Ucon Acrobatics headquarters include a showroom, office, design- and photostudio. It is located in the center of Berlin/Friedrichshain directly at the bustling ‘Boxhagener Platz’. In mid 2008 Ucon Acrobatics founders began to restore the old cow stable from ground. It took them over one year to get it done, but it was definitely worth it.

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