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Corner Ladder, an inventive folding ladder by Company & Company.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Corner Ladder folding ladder by Company & Company

Barcelona based creative team CO&CO (company & company) presents the Corner Ladder, an inventive folding ladder, easier to carry and store than existing ladder designs.

Our homes are getting smaller and we have less storing space. This project comes from the need to simplify an everyday object to a minimum. A ladder is a standard domestic tool that is rarely used, yet it is present in any home. The idea was to create a ladder that folds absolutely flat, able to fit it in any corner. Furthermore, this flexible design approach simplifies its form and enhances its usability by allowing easy transportation.

At present, the Corner Ladder is just a concept, yet given its very clear practical advantages over a conventional folding ladder, we hope that it will make it to production in the future.

CO&CO is a young creative startup based in Barcelona. They are four designers that work together making ideas happen by means of a solid methodology for finding simple, effective and sustainable solutions.

Their diverse different cultural backgrounds summed with their current context in Barcelona provides them a unique personality and vision as a team. As they state “We are passionate not only about designing products, but about establishing creative solutions for building a future together with our partners and friends. We believe in people. We believe in collaborative innovation. We believe in understanding and designing for people by people.”

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