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Do-Lo-Rez sofa by Ron Arad for Moroso.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Moroso Do-Lo-Rez

The Italian Moroso brand has become a synonym of high and progressive design for almost 60 years. The sofa shown below is the Do-Lo-Rez model, designed by Ron Arad and made from independent polyurethane rectangles covered with fabric.

It is also 100% modular, which means that the customer can practically arrange countless combinations of shape according to his taste and needs. Modern esthetics, unique flexibility and the correct dose of colour compose a piece of furniture which stands out and is considered a classic piece of modern Design.

Moroso is considered one of the companies which have marked modern design. Its products are being displayed in most of the modern art museums worldwide and most of them are the work of legendary designers such as Ron Arad, Carlo Colombo, Enrico Franzolini, Marc Newson, Toshiyuki Kita and Patricia Urquiola, to name a few.

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