Calf and Half Creamer Pitcher by Fred and Friends.

The Calf and Half Creamer Pitcher by Fred and Friends is handcrafted of double-walled glass and when it is filled with milk it forms the picture of four cow udders.

According to its designer, Liz Goulet Dubois, Calf and Half is a gentle reminder of where our nutritive milk, that we daily consume, really comes from. In other words, it is a playful tribute to our beloved cows. The design is fun but also practical. Its double-walled glass suspends liquids above its base for condensation-free use, while it also maintains the temperature of any liquid inside it better than a simple single walled pitcher.

A simple and imaginative design that puts a smile effortlessly to anyone who sees it. The Calf and Half creamer urge us to “milk” our coffee.

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