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Airbrush makeup kit by Uslu Airlines.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

Berlin based luxury cosmetics brand Uslu Airlines came up with an airbrush makeup kit so compact that you can fit it in your pocket, and as a bonus the Air(o)pak 2.0 looks simply gorgeous.

An Airbrush makeup system consists of three components, the airbrush itself (sometimes called “the gun”), the air-source which is usually a compressor that puts out a soft continuous flow of air, a thin flexible hose that connects the airbrush to the air-source. For application a few drops of specially formulated liquid make-up colors are filled into the airbrush gun which uses the compressors airflow to create a very fine mist over the desired area of the face/body. Uslu Airlines managed to combine all those parts into a small stylish package. The Uslu Airlines Air(o)pak 2.0 is an elegant, second-generation portable airbrush makeup system that shows the direction of future makeup appliances, airbrushed makeup anywhere, anytime.

If you are wondering what the advantages of airbrush makeup are and why you should try it out, keep on reading.

Airbrush makeup achieves extremely smooth poreless looking skin. The even distribution of a sprayed pigment mist paired with a very sensitive usage of materials enhances the airbrushed face rather than hiding its unique features under a layer (covering it up).

Since airbrush makeup aims caovers merely 10% of the skin total surface, rather than the full coverage of a conventional product, the unique features of the face blend organically with the applied color. This combination fosters an exceptionally healthy and natural look. Even in “full armor” coverage for the big social night of the season, a woman does not have to feel like wearing a makeup mask.

And it will show: To most, she will simply be a gorgeous female without any makeup at all, or maybe just a tiny hint. Even for a professional make-up artist, it is often hard to tell whether the striking beauty of a woman in airbrushed make-up is not “just” natural proof of an afternoon on the beach, a good night’s sleep and a happy lifestyle. Getting comparable results with a regular brush or a sponged fluid would be next to impossible in most cases.

It almost sounds like magic. But no. airbrushed makeup puts ingenious design technology under the supreme command of natural beauty. The pigments are distributed over the skin as a mist of thousands of microdroplets. The droplets are so small, that one alone is almost invisible to the human eye. This is why airbrushed makeup has the power to trick us into believing that there is no makeup at all and we are looking in a natural face. We just see the entire face looks great, but we are unable to determine why.

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