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Liquid Lamp by Kyouei Design and Kouichi Okamoto.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The amazing Liquid Lamp was designed by Kouichi Okamoto, the head designer of Japanese design studio Kyouei Design. At first look it  appears to resemble a bucket of paint which has been knocked over. But then again the bucket itself appears to be melting away.

The Liquid Lamp is a fine example of Japanese Minimalism, it might appear to be too simple for some, yet there are surely few that will appreciate its true beauty. These stark lamps are handmade of one thin sheet of steel by an expert craftsman without welding or folding. The liquid comes in wall-mounted lamp and tabletop lamp versions, and with white or red inner coloring.

Their fluid shape reminds us of a liquid that has been suspended in motion. The whole lampshade appears to be made of a liquid dripping in suspended animation, frozen in time and defying gravity. The undoubtedly artistic liquid lamp will surely add an unusual sense of motion to any interior.

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