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Acapulco Chair – Viva Mexico!

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Acapulco Chair

The iconic Acapulco chair originally designed in Mexico in the 50′s was inspired by Mayan weaving techniques and is made with vinyl cord. Its distinctive retro modern design combines ideally a modern look and a unique vintage-chic style.

The Acapulco Chair was born next to the famous “La Quebrada” diver’s cliff in Acapulco Bay, where the American smart society used to indulge in glamorous vacation time during the fifties. A place and time haunted by Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and the Kennedys. A Mexican artisanal hand crafted product, the Acapulco Chair is an ideal outdoor furniture. It allows for quick water drainage and is particularly resistant to the elements, a perfect choice for terraces, beaches and downtown walkways. However thanks to its flexible shell and sleek style the Acapulco Chair is equally appealing in a living room or office.

It comes in a number of different variations, the most common beeing the “Classic Acapulco Chair” the “Acapulco Rocking Chair” and the “Round Acapulco Chair” with the rounded back support. You can find the Acapulco Chair in countless color variations. There are tons of color options, even multicolored versions, so you can easily match the chair to your décor.

Several brands manufacture the Acapulco Chair, but we would prefer a handmade in Mexico version, for heritage reasons. This elegant, almost crafty chair will remain a timeless classic for many years to come due to its ingeniously simple design and unmistakable Retro-Glamour style.

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