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Nest Shoe Rack by j-me.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Nest Shoe Rack by j-me

The impressive Nest Shoe Rack by j-me design is an elegant way to store your shoes, while at the same time making optimal use of your space.

The Nest Shoe Rack t is a unique shoe tree that conveniently stores up to 7 pairs of shoes, placing one on top of the other. The structure is simple, minimalist and functional. A single piece of polished stainless steel bent to a “wavy” shape creates vertical waves that provide compact storage with modern design. There are two models available, a floor standing version and a wall mounted version. The freestanding Nest Shoe Rack is a flexible and stylish space saver, great for entryways, closets and living spaces.Our favorite version however is the stunning wall mounted Nest Shoe Rack that “presents” the shoes in a unique striking way.

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