Prism Pastels Rug - Sonya Winner Studio

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Prism Pastels designed by Sonya Winner Studio is a modern contemporary rug inspired by the colors created when light refracts through a crystal. It is made of pure New Zealand wool which is hand dyed with approximately twenty seven colors including teal, yellow, cream, grey, lavender and purple.

The facets of the prism pastels’ design are emphasized by varying pile heights and hand carving, whilst the irregular shapes of the rug is a complex yet dynamic characteristic which gives the rug a rather sculptural quality. The subtle colors of this model create an interesting luminosity effect.

This contemporary rug design is hand tufted by Good Weave artisan weavers. Prism Pastels is a hardwearing and easily washable rug. You can use it either as an area rug or as a wall hanging one and create an elegant and playful atmosphere for the decoration of your place. Prism Pastels rug can be used as a living room, a dining room, a kitchen or a bedroom rug based on your personal needs.

At Design Is This you will find a range of wonderful rug designs by Sonya Winner to choose from.


  • Material: Pure New Zealand Wool.
  • Colors: twenty seven hand dyed colors.

*The rug is also available in custom size upon request costing €665/sqm.

Prism Pastels Rug - Sonya Winner Studio
Prism Pastels Rug - Sonya Winner Studio Prism Pastels Rug - Sonya Winner Studio Prism Pastels Rug - Sonya Winner Studio


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