Edge™ Dish Brush (White) - Joseph Joseph

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Edge™ Dish Brush White by Joseph Joseph is a washing up brush with integrated sink rest. Functional and handy this cleaning accessory will ease your dishwashing.

Edge™ Dish Brush is designed to rest securely on the side of your sink, letting all the soapy suds simply drain away.

This cleverly designed washing up brush has a non-slip resting point that sticks it to the side of the sink, avoiding washing up liquid and soap being left on the worktops and letting it dry as it drains excess liquid into the sink.

The non-scratch brush head is curved to help clean in the corners of trays and pans and has an integrated pan scraper for tough food deposits.

Designed by Donald Wentworth.


  • Dish brush with integrated sink res.
  • Non-scratch, curved brush head with integrated pan scrape.
  • Excess water drains directly into sink.
  • Non-slip resting point grips sink edge.
  • Innovative space-saving desig.
  • Color: White.
Edge™ Dish Brush (White) - Joseph Joseph
Edge™ Dish Brush (White) - Joseph Joseph Edge™ Dish Brush (White) - Joseph Joseph Edge™ Dish Brush (White) - Joseph Joseph


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