Droplet Tumbler (Clear) - Umbra

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Brand: Umbra

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Droplet Tumbler by Umbra is clean and tranquil. Its fluid shape and transparency makes an elegant and simplistic statement. Perfect for holding any item imaginable.

Wide brim: Droplet’s wide brim allows it to store large quantities of liquid and makes the tumbler easy to grip.

Simple and attractive: Droplet has a clean, minimalist design, emulating tranquility through its teardrop shape and transparent color.

Sturdy, thick material: Though appearing delicate and thin, Droplet is physically strong and resistant to breakage, constructed using durable acrylic molding.

Easy to clean: Made from acrylic, Droplet is easy to clean by rinsing with soapy water and wiping down.

Droplet will lighten up your bathroom with its unique style and design. Part of Umbra’s elegant Droplet collection.


  • Color: Transparent.
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 9,5 cm. Height: 8,9 cm.
Droplet Tumbler (Clear) - Umbra
Droplet Tumbler (Clear) - Umbra Droplet Tumbler (Clear) - Umbra Droplet Tumbler (Clear) - Umbra Droplet Tumbler (Clear) - Umbra


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