Rikke Hagen

Rikke Hagen

Rikke Hagen graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, where she specialized in product design, glass and ceramics. From 1998 to 2008 Rikke Hagen owned a unique glass workshop, where she produced her own limited editions in glass.

As the demand for her unique designs grew rapidly in 2004 Rikke took the first step towards establishing her design studio “Copen Hagen”. Under the “Copen Hagen” name, Rikke Hagen develops her own designs. Today Rikke Hagen focuses on the design process. From idea development and concept building to the finished product.

“I like to feel a pulse around me when I work, and I need to have a deadline - then I work the best. I normally start with sketches by drawing simple lines or abstract scribbles which later results in the final design throughout selection and simplification. By developing the design I take inspiration in my sketches, as the actual technique and material often limits my creative process. My vision is to create design for everyday life - preferably through a glance of simplicity and play. Good design is when a product is delivered and done. It must be in a way that you would not want it any different. It’s the detail that makes the difference.”

Rikke Hagen has worked on product development for many prestigious brands such as Holmegaard and Normann Copenhagen, among others. In 2008, her own brand “Copen Hagen” presented its first product line at the famous Maison de object trade fair in Paris. Rikke Hagen has won a wide range of prestigious awards in her design career.

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