Ludovic Roth / Alexandre Dubreuil

Ludovic Roth / Alexandre Dubreuil

Ludovic Roth and Alexander Dubreil collaborated in the creation of the Side wall clock for LEXON.

Born in 1983 in Strasbourg (France), Ludovic Roth is a graduate in Applied Arts from the Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg and from L’École Bleue in Paris (2008, interior architecture and design).

Freelance designer, his work is sharing between collaborations with agencies and personal projects. Concerned about issues related to the design of objects or spaces, Ludovic likes to explore the limits of creative fields to suit better to a given problem.

Born in Paris in 1982, Alexandre Dubreuil graduated from l’École Bleue of Paris, in 2005 (interior architecture and design).Following to a 1 year experience in an international studio of architecture in Copenhagen, he begins to collaborate with Lexon in 2009, and draws the first store in Xiamen (China).

He is now designer and responsible for the LEXON collection; he follows and develops projects from design to manufacturing.

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