Adriano Design

Adriano Design

Adriano Design is a name by which Davide and Gabriele Adriano, two Italian brothers, architects born in Piemonte, sign their projects of indutrial design and product design.

Davide was born in Cuneo on 19th Sept. 1971, graduated in architecture at the Politecnico in Torino where he teaches industrial design. Gabriele was born in Torino on 19th Aug. 1971, graduated in architecture and got a master in ergonomics at the Politecnico in Torino where he teaches industrial design.

In 1998 they founded Adriano Design which has several co-operations with lot of international clients in different sectors such as: Center of Research FIAT, IFI industries, Bemis, Cafina, Melitta, CMA, Foppapedretti, Lazzari, Kis, B.Lab, NDW, Scavolini, La Rinascente, Macef, Merlo, Carpignani, Ogtm, Nobili, Colomer, Ritmonio, Ferrero, Macaedis, Meritalia, Ycami.

They won several prizes and been invited by several Italian and foreign universities as visiting professor. They say about their projects: “Draw everything and always accept the challenge that everything could be designed in different and better ways…break the rules, remix the cards, invent new games and new rules so that everything we design will be unique, unmistakable and more functional than the existing one…”

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