Meet the most inspiring collection of mirrors at Design Is This! Created by famous designers and architects our mirrors reflect our love for detail, functionality, aesthetics, as well as innovative techniques.

Our continuously expanding mirror collection includes options of wall mount mirrors in a price range to fit all needs, from the simplest practical mirror to an extravagant and captivating artistic installation of a mirror. Also, our mirror collection includes tabletop mirrors, desktop mirrors and unique products that combine the functions of a mirror and a wall hanger.

Mirrors are always an impressive addition to a wall surface and a decorative element that adds light and depth to wall surfaces. Decorative mirrors are meant to impress and artistically add to the general decoration of your home, public workspace and office. Reflective mirrors are used to ease our everyday life.

At Design Is This we promote industrial design products that combine functionality with elegance. Innovation is also a characteristic of our carefully selected mirror collection which includes mirrors made of new acrylic materials that lower the cost and allow the application of the latest manufacturing techniques. We have included a large selection of laser-cut mirrors that captivate with their delicate and detailed cut-out prints and are extremely light for easy placement. In addition to that, we also have butler mirrors, table mirror, bathroom mirrors and extremely elegant designer glass mirrors or mirror and furniture compositions.

Design Is This has chosen carefully a collection of mirrors that will bring light to your space!

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Boo Mirror & Coat Hook - Black + Blum -26%

Boo Mirror & Coat Hook - Black + Blum

Regular Price: €18.75

Special Price: €13.95

Gouffre Mirror - Robba Edition -20%

Gouffre Mirror - Robba Edition

Regular Price: €345.00

Special Price: €275.00

Sunday Apricot Mirror - Domestic -15%

Sunday Apricot Mirror - Domestic

Regular Price: €62.00

Special Price: €52.70

Scie Mirror - Domestic -15%

Scie Mirror - Domestic

Regular Price: €60.00

Special Price: €51.00

26 Item(s)

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