Walker Chao

Walker Chao

Patricia Walker Chao’s minimal jewelry pieces are incredibly delicate, have simple shapes, usually geometric, and are all made of silicon.
Walker Chao

Patricia Walker Chao’s pieces, incredibly delicate in appearance, have simple shapes and forms, often geometric, and all with silicon finish, a material which she feels comfortable working with and in which she has found the perfect language to communicate her work.

Patricia has studied Industrial Model Making and Design at “Escuela de Arte 10” in Madrid in 2015. Her previous professional life was in wardrobe and set design for major productions for directors such as Almódovar and Ridley Scott and with costume designers such as Paco Delgado and Hanty Yates.

In her words, “what obsesses me the most when it comes to my creative process is creating something different. I’ve always loved what surprises me, and perhaps that’s why I love to surprise too”.

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