B-MADE is Bernadette van de Braak’s personal design brand with designs inspired & manufactured from local women community of Katmantu in Nepal.

B-MADE is Bernadette van de Braak’s personal design brand with inspiration from Nepalese traditional craftsmanship, and active fair trade support of the local women community in Katmantu.

Bernadette is a graduate of Maastricht’s Fine Arts and Design School with a bachelor degree in textile design in 2009. After leaving the School she developed her own style, while creating her B-MADE design studio. B-MADE includes her latest design in jewelry, textile and tapestry.

Van de Braak’s designs are greatly inspired by the designer’s experience of Nepal where she interned for a while and still visits. Her designs are inspired from traditional Nepalese craftsmanship and most of them are actually produced in Katmantu will native materials.

Together with Gyatri Giri who lives in Katmantu, Bernadette van de Braak has founded a collaborative studio under the name Hamro Khushi (it means “happy together”) that concentrates on women of Katmantu. Having set up a fair trade product line in accessories, both girls support the local craftsmanship in order to support them and preserve the Nepalese skills and crafts.

We are Authorized B-MADE Retailer. You can buy online a wide selection of B-MADE design products directly from our e-shop.

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