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Wooden Flower Lamps by Laszlo Tompa.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Flower Lamps by Laszlo Tompa

Laszlo Tompa is a Hungarian Designer-Carpenter with a real eye for beauty. His wooden Flower Lamps are a marvelous example of artistic woodturning.

The hanging Flower Lamps are made of solid cherry wood and they ooze quality and originality. The basic structure of the Flower Lamps are hexagonal and pentagonal pyramids covered with different matching geometric ornaments. The lamp produces downward facing light and an impressive visual effect by combining the traditional aesthetics of wood with light and a fluid sculptural form.

The source of inspiration for Laszlo Tompa was his initial work, the “Cube Illusion” (pictures 5 and 6). Cube Illusion is a cubical box and its surface covered with no space matching geometric ornaments produced by woodturning. So beside the storage function there is originated new, unusual, powerful abstract sculpture-looking furniture. At a first glance it’s not visible that the furniture hides a relatively large storage place inside due to the optical illusion of the ornaments.

“After finishing my former work Cube Illusion I decided to design hanging lamps. Similarly to the box these lamps consist of wood turned elements.”

The application of this mathematical and precise woodturning technique to a hanging lamp is simply amazing and we are looking forward for more artistic woodturning by Laszlo Tompa.

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