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Just like a waterfall: Abisko Washbasin by Eumar.

by Anna Karataglidou
Abisko washbasin by Eumar

Just like a waterfall, the amazing sculptural Abisko washbasin by Eumar catches the freedom and simplicity of unspoiled mountain springs and waterfalls. The name for the Abisko washbasin was inspired by the Swedish national park Abisko that is one of the purest waters in Europe.

Abisko was the result of collaboration between Eumar Santhenica and Swedish designer Johan Kauppi together with architect Lars Sundstrom, who represented the design firm “We Think”, from Gotheburg, Sweden. The idea was born when designer and architect wished to catch the natural movement and freedom of spring water and bring it to architecture. They did not want to use tubes; instead they preferred that the design should allow free and creative usage, in contradiction to traditional basins. Abisko washbasin’s sculptural form is a reminder and an appeal to care about water and lift awareness of the western cultures’ waste of natural resources. Abisko contributes to a lower usage of water and a more deliberate relation to it in general.

Without drain pipes or the ability to fill it to the top, nor other unnecessary details around, Abisko washbasin encourages a free and moderate use of water. The minimal approach of “less is more” is obvious, as the washbasin has the minimum of components necessary, therefore very low energy consumption during production. Pure water is an exclusive product of nature that should not be accumulated in big tubs and just like in nature, you will have to find your own way to catch the water, with carefulness and moderation.

Abisko washbasin is casted in one piece of homogeny Cast marble which is a polymeric compound of 80% marble powder with synthetic binders and a widely used, resistant, easy to maintain and recyclable material.

Abisko Washbasin was released first time at ISH fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (March 2009) at Eumar stand.

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