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Sort of Coal: Beauty and Cleansing Products made of White Charcoal.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
White charcoal products by Sort of Coal

Sort of Coal is a Danish company specialized in producing white charcoal products almost for any human need. The passion of the pioneering company for this extraordinary material has led to exquisite products that provide a healthier way of living.

White charcoal is handcrafted and commonly known for centuries in Japan.  This material has long been cherished for its unique ability to naturally purify materials by attracting, adsorbing and encapsulating harmful substances to its surface. As it is a solid form of carbon, it also balances the global CO2 challenge. Sort of Coal uses white charcoal as a central element in all of its design and combine traditional Japanese craftsmanship with functional Danish design.

Modern people are exposed to an increasing amount of toxins. Every day we consume tap-water polluted by fertilizers, we breathe air full of gas fumes and we use beauty products that contain cheap chemicals endangering our health. Sort of Coal modernizes and innovates an ancient Japanese knowledge and provides many white charcoal products each one made for a different purpose.

Sort of Coal produces a wide range of Beauty and cleansing products, water filtration bottles, detox shampoos, soaps even wearable jewelry-like necklaces and bracelets. These products naturally purify air, water and body and let nature enrich our modern lives.

We couldn’t help but notice that apart from the interesting concept and though-out function, Sort Of Coal products also have awesome packaging, that immediately stands out due to its elegant minimalist design.

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