Vertigo Pendant Lamp by Constance Guisset for Petite Friture.

The stunning Vertigo Pendant Lamp by Parisian designer Constance Guisset is a dramatic, large-scale yet lightweight lamp that gently moves and spins with the breeze.

Parisian designer Constance Guisset’s work is inspired by movement, lightness, and surprise. The Vertigo Pendant Lamp is a typical example of her unique personal style. An enveloping lamp that creates a space of intimacy.

Both massive in size yet visually so delicate, Vertigo is a dramatic, large-scale yet lightweight lamp that gently moves and spins with the breeze. The lightness of the lamp (less than 500g for 2 square meters amplitude) makes it mobile to the rhythm of the air: it turns softly, projecting an almost transparent graphic design floating between the floor and the ceiling. As Guisset says “I want my objects to dance”. And that they do, the Vertigo Lamp seems to float in space caressing and playing with the atmosphere around it.

When lit, the Vertigo Pendant Lamp casts an interesting shadow pattern on the floor and surrounding walls, for an even more dramatic effect. Vertigo is, in the words of its designer, a “den lamp”. It is simultaneously ethereal and graphic, adapting to both large and small spaces where it creates its own intimate space.

The lamp is available in four different colors and consists of a lightweight fiberglass structure with sheer polyutherane strips. With its ultra-light fibreglass structure, stretched with velvelty polyurethane ribbons, this pendant lamp fascinates as it comes to life swaying in the soft air currents that surround it.

Constance Guisset is a young French designer who is quickly creating one iconic design after the other. She founded herstudio in 2007 and was encouraged to enter the world of industrial design by Erwan and Renan Bouroullec who spotted her potential to combine poetry with rigor in her work, Constance says “They believed in me and gave me motive”. She went on to win the coveted Wallpaper.Lab prize for her work from la musée des arts decoratifs.

Vertigo is being produced by French brand Petite Friture, a design editor created in 2009, with the will to promote young talents, and to develop with them a catalogue of objects, lighting and small furniture that creates a vibration.

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