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Tonelli Camicino Storage Unit by Marco Gaudenzi.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The Camicino mobile storage cabinet was designed in 1995 by Marco Gaudenzi for Italian furniture manufacturer Tonelli and it combines flawless functionality with awesome design.

It is available in two versions, a full size drawer unit with seven wooden drawers, and a smaller two drawer unit suitable to be used as a side table. Instead of the classic rail-type drawer mechanism, the Camicino uses revolving trays mounted to the glass structure with a metal tube. This arrangement gives the impression that the trays float effortlessly inside the glass cabinet. In addition all trays can be accessible at the same time, since you can swivel them open in different angles simultaneously.

Tonelli Camicino eloquently blends translucent with solid materials and possesses that rare timeless style that ideally combines modern with classic. It is a uniquely elegant piece of furniture that will match any interior from utterly classic to ultra-modern.

Standing on metal castors the Tonelli Camicino is very flexible. It can be used as a trolley, as a side table next to your sofa, as a main drawer unit at your desk, or even as a bedside table. Its quality is superb, all the trays are made from solid wood, the tempered glass used in the cabinet is 15/12mm thick and the metal castors are of the heavy duty variety and not cheap plastic ones. This multipurpose storage unit is made in Italy using the highest standards of high-tech manufacturing.

Tonelli Camicino is available in three color variations, as its trays can be finished in cherry, wenge or bleached oak wood. A handy storage unit with cutting-edge design, a timeless allure and top quality craftsmanship.

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