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Adrenalina SHIFT Armchair by Simone Micheli.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Adrenalina SHIFT Armchair by Simone Micheli.

The SHIFT armchair was designed by Simone Micheli for Italian company Adrenalina and its funky design is inspired from a PC keyboard.

Unique, eccentric and totally unconventional the SHIFT armchair is ideal for those with an eye for technology. Its colorful design in conjunction with the humoristic keyboard elements gives the SHIFT a creative and playful character.

This striking piece of furniture would be ideal for the office or waiting room in some high-tech firm. However if you don’t own a company in Silicon Valley don’t worry, it would look equally impressive in your living room. After all if you are reading this, you surely have a keyboard lying somewhere, so the SHIFT Armchair will match your décor nicely.

The frame of the SHIFT armchair is made of curved plywood in combination with solid fir and its base is metallic. The funky key-shaped padding is made of polyurethane foam and fiberfill, while the upholstery is available in leather or fabric. Finally if you intend to use it in public places it is also available in a fireproof version on demand.

Adrenalina SHIFT is a totally unique armchair that will allow you to express your inner Geek, but always in flawless style. However if you prefer something non-geeky but equally impressive there is always the limited edition “Adrenalina SHIFT Tricolore” with the distinctive three color pattern of the Italian flag.

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